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8 Best Facial Cleansers for Hyperpigmentation Reviews (Updated)

One of the most common skin problems is definitely hyperpigmentation and it may be caused by various reasons. The most viable of these reasons would be too much exposure to the sun and its ultraviolet rays and overuse of derma products that may not be advisable universally for all types of skin. The face holds the entire value judgment of the body and hyperpigmentation may affect self-esteem and the interaction one establishes with other people. To address this problem, facial cleansers come to the rescue and in this post we will be sifting through the best facial wash for hyperpigmentation.

The benefits of facial cleansers

Facial cleansers are not just women’s things because we are exposed to harmful elements every day and it is our faces that are in the front lines of this exposure. Facial cleansers are musts in skin care because their most essential function is clearing our skins from grime, dirt and even dead cells. At the surface level, we benefit from facial cleansers as it penetratingly cleans and unclogs pores of dirt. At the deeper level, facial cleansers help in facilitating the production and repair of skin cells thanks to the ingredients that they have. In effect, facial cleansers do not only clean the skin but through sustained use help is in strengthening skin cells for us to look more youthful and rejuvenated.

Buying guide to facial cleansers

The most important ingredients of a good facial cleanser

First off, you must know the most basic ingredients that a facial cleanser must have before it could be considered as a good buy. This is needed not only to make sure that you are putting your skin to a treat or in addressing hyperpigmentation but also in making sure that your skin will not be damaged.

  1. Retinol: Aside from being the most potent ingredient in banishing wrinkles, it also helps in building collagen for the skin to be clearer and smoother. But one piece of advice though, if you see this ingredient in your facial cleanser, you should no longer use harsh facial scrubs.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid: This ingredient keeps your skin hydrated and firm as it regulates your skin’s elasticity and moisture level. This is the ingredient that people with dry skin should check first before buying facial cleansers.
  3. Peptides: This ingredient is also produced inside the body. Peptides are essential amino acids that the body needs in building new cells and repairing damaged ones. Facial cleansers with peptides can be considered as the best facial cleanser for pigmentation because its function on the skin is to keep it elastic, firm and blemish-free.
  4. Salicylic acid: Facial cleansers with this ingredient are the best face washes for hyperpigmentation and acne because it provides deep cleansing in oily skins. Aside from making the skin softer, it also unclogs pores and removes excess oils, making you get rid of that acne breakout and helping you avoid the onset of hyperpigmentation.

Choosing the best facial cleanser for hyperpigmentation by skin type

As has been said, our skin type varies and each type requires a definite set of components for it to address the problem. But how would you know which one will work for you?

  1. Oily skin: This is often indicated by large and visible pores and a greasy face even after you have cleansed. The type of facial cleanser for you should be an oil-control one with purifying components such as charcoal to regulate oil production.
  2. Dry skin: This is indicated by a flaky, itchy and tight facial skin. A hydrating facial cleanser would help in this skin type as it cleanses the dirt and impurities without lessening the natural oils of the face.
  3. Sensitive skin: This skin type easily gets red and is the most prone to hyperpigmentation and irritation. Facial cleansers with creamy foams will help soothe sensitive skin especially when it is infused by ingredients such as aloe vera and witch hazel.
  4. Combination skin: If you have an oily part and dry part of the face, you will need a facial cleanser with a balanced fusion of cleansing and hydrating components.

Best Facial Cleanser for Hyperpigmentation Reviews

Now that we already know why facial cleansers are essential especially for skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, the next thing to do is to look for the best facial cleansers for hyperpigmentation and acne, among others. There are a lot of facial cleansers in the market but since we now know what to look for in them, here are some of the best facial cleansers for hyperpigmentation that you can consider.

DDF Brightening Cleanser

This facial cleanser really targets hyperpigmentation and age spots. It is infused with six natural skin brighteners including Vitamin C and Vitamin E, among others. It is one of the best deep-clean facial cleansers for hyperpigmentation because it evens skin tone through continued use, thanks to its glycolic and salicylic acid components. Most importantly, if you use this for your overall hyperpigmentation correction skin care routine, it will also help you to minimize post-correction blemishes and discoloration which is a major plus since you will no longer need an additional toner just to prevent this from happening.



  • Packed with six natural skin brighteners for an exfoliated, healthier and hyperpigmentation-free skin.
  • Infused with glycolic and salicylic acid which helps in damaged skin repair and the production of collagen to correct discoloration and hyperpigmentation.
  • Evens skin tone and age spots.
  • It has a licorice scent.

Mia del Mar

This is a glycolic acid based face wash which gently exfoliates skin from surface to core. It is good for skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, dry skin, oily face and acne breakouts. It is also an anti-aging facial cleanser composed of antioxidant rich ingredients like Vitamin B5 and Glucoside. The infusion of protein components like glucoside is essential in cell and tissue repair which when maintained make the skin softer, moister and gives a youthful glow as it tightens pores and lessens oil production in the face. The major upside is that it is all-organic as it builds on vegan products like pineapple and coconut, combining it with glucoside.



  • Made to help in stopping four of the most common skin problems: hyperpigmentation, excess oils, dry skin and acne.
  • All organic, safe and helps in reducing bacteria build-up associated with acne breakouts, infections and other skin conditions.
  • Helps in hastening collagen production for a more rejuvenated and radiant skin.
  • Made specifically for all types of skin.
  • Packed with Lauryl Glucoside and Pro Vitamin B5 for extra moisture, skill regeneration and deep cleansing.

InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer:

It is most notable for having a Vitamin C base which reduces and even prevents the onset of wrinkles and facial lines. It is also good for hyperpigmentation programs because it increases the circulation of collagen in the skin and energizes skin cells to promote radiance and evens skin tone. Aside from Vitamin C, it is also packed with skin essentials like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and sunflower seed oil which helps hydrate and tighten the skin to prevent common skin conditions like dryness, uneven skin tone, acne and others.



  • Composed of high levels of Vitamin C, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and sunflower seed oil for the skin’s moisture balance, hydration and skin cell rejuvenation.
  • Tested and sealed as paraben-free and all-organic that is safe for the skin.
  • Recommended for all skin types as an anti-aging cleanser (green tea, aloe vera and coconut extract) and to reduce facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Prevents uneven spots and flaking.

Pure Kojic Soap:

This is one of the most famous facial cleansers at the moment because it has been proven for its skin lightening effects. It is good for hyperpigmentation and dark spots due to constant exposure to the damaging heat of the sun. It is also distributed for safe use by men and women for daily use. It is made from coconut oil extract and hyaluronic acid using a non-drying formula which gives the skin more moisture and hydrates the skin cells to make them healthier and stronger for a tighter, unblemished skin. It is also efficient in eradicating acne scars plus. As an everyday-use soap, you will enjoy its citrus scent.



  • Safe for the skin and has a good scent.
  • Made under a non-drying formula using all-natural products/extracts like coconut and hyaluronic acid.
  • Removes dark-spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and freckles.
  • Helps in hydrating skin cells for more moisture to the skin.

Eve Hansen:

It is a facial cleanser with high Vitamin C component. It is great for all skin types and deeply cleans the pores to stop excess oil production, to soothe skin from irritation and improves the texture and tightness of the skin by boosting collagen production. Aside from Vitamin C, it is also packed with organic aloe, rosehip, oregano, olive and tea tree extracts to hydrate skin cells and avoid drying. Because it is all-organic, it is a mild facial cleanser even for sensitive skin. It is tested as paraben-free and is considered as one of the best organic facial cleansers in California.



  • Promotes optimum skin care in key areas of hydration, evening of skin tone, skin texture and rejuvenation.

  • Boosts collagen production which is needed in skin cell repair.

  • Packed with a high level of Vitamin C and other organic extracts like aloe, rosehip and tea tree, among others, which are known for their anti-aging benefits.

  • All-organic and caters to all skin types.

InstaNatural Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser:

Of course, this InstaNatural variant has a glycolic acid base which is known for skin cell building and repair. It is a deep-exfoliating facial cleanser for hyperpigmentation, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines and acne breakouts. It is also made up of all-organic extracts on top of the glycolic acid like cucumber, chamomile and green tea extracts which are well-known to have a soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging effect on the skin. Overall, it promotes collagen production which increases skin cell turnover for a brighter, more youthful glow.



  • Efficient in skin cell building and repair due to its high glycolic acid content. 

  • Increases skin cell turnover by fast-tracking collagen production in the skin.

  • Offers a deep-exfoliating process that does not only cleanses but corrects discoloration, age spots, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

  • High in antioxidants and moisturizing components like cucumber, tea tree, chamomile and green tea. 

Touch Glycolic Face Wash:

This one is a deep exfoliating face cleanser made of 10% glycolic acid, non-drying and foaming AHA cleanser and other organic extracts that give the skin the moisture it needs and corrects discoloration or hyperpigmentation. With its minimal glycolic acid, this facial cleanser has low pH (3.5). Aside from this, it is also infused with natural extracts from chamomile, green tea and aloe vera. With these, it is helpful in many skin conditions like tightening of pores to reduce facial oil production, used in hyperpigmentation correction, gives the right radiance to the face, eliminates acne, blackheads and fine wrinkles and it also smoothens the texture of the face and is a potent anti-aging cleanser.



  • Non-drying through the foaming AHA technology.

  • Has the right pH level for facial cleansers.

  • Corrects a lot of skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, acne and excessive facial oil production.

  • Infused with natural extracts that are high in antioxidants and provides the skin the needed moisture.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser:

Being one of the oldest skin care product distributors having been around since 1967, it is not shocking that this facial cleanser made it to this list. It is considered as a glycolic foaming cleanser and infused with a brightening solution which helps in giving the skin moisture for better texture, a youthful glow and eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, acne and hyperpigmentation. Aside from the exfoliating help of the glycolic acid, it is also packed with other equally helpful natural extracts like chamomile and St. John’s Wort for moisture and calming effect, marshmallow and sage for their smoothing properties and yarrow for a more youthful glow.

best cleanser for dark spots


  • Reduces discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

  • Deep exfoliating for dull and congested skins through the help of glycolic acid.

  • Good for all skin types.

  • Makes the skin smoother and more radiant.

FAQs on facial cleansers and hyperpigmentation

Aside from knowing which face wash is best for hyperpigmentation, there are also other fundamental questions that need to be addressed. Treating it is one, knowing how long hyperpigmentation fades is another and lastly, knowing if it could be treated by vitamins like Vitamin C.

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What is the best way to treat hyperpigmentation?

The best way to treat hyperpigmentation is through exfoliants that correct discoloration, and this is why we need good facial cleansers.  Applying Vitamin E and C serums would also be good ways in treating this skin condition. Of course, hydrating the skin cells and opting out of direct exposure to sunlight without protective toners may be a primary reason in hyperpigmentation. There really are a lot of ways to treat this condition but before you start choosing one, make sure that you have consulted with your dermatologist first.

How long does it take for hyperpigmentation to fade?

With sustained use of hyperpigmentation exclusive products, this condition will fade in three to six weeks. Normally, it will include the use of more than just facial cleansers for hyperpigmentation and it will be quite rigorous as a process but sustained use of recommended skin care products and other hyperpigmentation treatments are the best solutions to this.

Is Vitamin C good for hyperpigmentation?

The answer is yes. As a matter of fact, it is also one of the basic ingredients that must be checked in facial cleansers before buying them. Vitamin C is a very potent substance in bringing back the skin’s natural glow and also it functions in evening skin tones. This is the reason why Vitamin C is good for hyperpigmentation. Most importantly, Vitamin C infused facial cleansers are good for all skin types. The potency of Vitamin C for skin care is best at night when it is not that exposed to light and also oxygen so it is best to use facial cleansers with Vitamin C as your nighttime skin care routine. Adding Vitamin E alongside it will be a very powerful combination!

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Facial cleansers are skin care musts. Just because we could not see yet skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, acne or excess oils in the face would mean that we should not do anything to prevent them from happening. But not all facial cleansers are good for your skin because we vary in skin types that is why we need to choose the best facial cleansers especially in common problems like hyperpigmentation. Sifting through this information about facial cleansers, one cliché rings true, when it comes to skin care regimen, we have to put the best face forward and that starts with choosing the best facial cleanser especially for issues like hyperpigmentation.

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