Do Asics Run Small or Big or True to Size?

In general, Asics shoes tend to run true to size for women, while men may experience some sizing issues. Men often find that they need to size down by a full size to achieve a secure fit and prevent heel slippage.

Women usually find Asics shoes to fit true to size, fitting comfortably right out of the box, although some might find them to be half a size too large. As a popular choice for many, Asics running shoes typically provide a good fit overall.

Do Asics Run True to Size?

Overall, some runners feel that Asics shoes run slightly larger than expected. This can be beneficial for those who prefer extra room for their feet to breathe and a spacious toe box.

However, if you prefer a snug, locked-down fit without having to constantly adjust the laces, you might want to consider sizing down. Men, in particular, may find these shoes run a full size larger than their usual size and should consider opting for a full size smaller.

Women, on the other hand, generally experience fewer sizing issues. While some might find the shoes to be slightly too large (about half a size), others find the fit to be just right.

How to know Asics shoes fit?

Compared to other running shoe brands like Nike, Asics shoes are designed to offer more room for your feet to expand and splay inside the shoe.

While the fit might not be perfect at the beginning of your run, the slightly larger sizing of Asics shoes allows for extra space, ensuring that they don’t feel tight or cause rubbing as you log more miles.

The main difference in the fit of Asics running shoes lies in the somewhat narrow midsole and heel counter. While most styles feature a spacious toe box, some runners find the midfoot area to be a bit too snug.

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Are Asics offered in wide options?

Asics shoes may run a bit narrow for some, but the brand offers a wide range of width options to accommodate various foot shapes. Runners can choose from narrow, standard, wide, and even extra-wide options.

Asics sizing

Determining the right size and style for your feet can be challenging, but Asics provides a comprehensive sizing chart on their website that takes into account both the length and width of your foot.

To get an accurate measurement, be sure to measure your feet towards the end of the day, as they tend to be slightly larger due to normal swelling and blood circulation. Using the sizing chart from Asics’s shoes size guide, you can find the ideal shoe length and width for your feet.

How do Asics fit in each of product?

Do Asics Gel Kayano 28 Run Small or Big?

Asics Kayano 28 can run true to size or small, depending on the individual.

The Kayanos are among Asics’ most popular styles, particularly for runners who require support and stability. In my personal experience, Kayanos fit true to size. However, some online reviews indicate that the shoe runs true to size for some runners, while others find them to be too small. Kayanos are also considered one of the best shoes for overweight men.

Experience With Customers On Asics Kayano 28:

The fit of Kayanos can vary based on a runner’s needs. Some customers prefer to buy a half size larger due to wearing extra padded socks, while others find the shoe true to size.

Do Asics Gel Cumulus 23 Run Small or Big?

Asics Cumulus 23 can run true to size or small.

As my favorite Asics style, I found that they ran too small in the past but are now true to size for me after adjusting my shoe size.

Online reviews also show a mix of opinions, with some customers finding the shoe true to size, and others considering it too small.

Experience With Customers On Asics Cumulus 23:

Customer preferences vary. Some chose a half size larger due to the shoe feeling narrow or a full size larger to accommodate foot swelling. Others maintained their usual size across brands.

Do Asics Gel Nimbus 23 Run Small or Big?

Asics Nimbus 23 can run true to size or small.

The Nimbus is an excellent style for those who need significant cushioning to protect their knees and ankles. In my experience, the Nimbus ran true to size, but my feet felt slightly snug. Online reviews show a mix of opinions on the shoe’s sizing. Nimbus is also a top choice for the best shoes for retail workers.

Experience With Customers On Asics Nimbus 23:

In-store customers often found the Nimbus to be half a size too small and opted for a half size larger. Some customers purchased their true size, but not as frequently as those who chose a half size bigger.

Do Asics GT 2000 10 Run Small Or Big?

Asics GT 2000 often run small for most runners, and sometimes true to size.

Many online reviews indicate that this style runs small and narrow, which aligns with my experience. I had to go up half a size, but even when I went for a full size larger, the fit was acceptable. I don’t have wide feet, but the shoes in my usual size felt too tight.

Experience With Customers On Asics GT 2000:

For the GT 2000, many customers complained about the style being too narrow in the instep. Some found that buying the wide version made the shoes fit better, while others had to opt for half a size or a full size larger.

Do Asics GT 1000 10 Run Small Or Big?

Asics GT 1000 can run small or true to size.

The GT 1000 was also popular in my store in Canary Wharf, London, which is why I tried them. It’s a suitable shoe for those who need stability without spending a lot on a pair of Kayanos, but they are designed for short distances.

Online reviews are mixed, with some saying the style runs small while others find it true to size. In my case, the GT 1000 fit true to size.

Experience With Customers On Asics GT 1000:

When customers found this style too narrow, the wide version typically fit perfectly without needing to go a size bigger. However, some customers felt the shoes were too tight in the insteps and chose the wide version half a size larger, or just half a size larger for those with narrow feet.

Tips when buying Asics

These are the best tips to follow when purchasing a pair of Asics shoes (or any other shoe brand), based on my personal experience wearing Asics and serving thousands of customers during my six years in the shoe industry.

Gait Analysis and Running Assessment

Consider getting a gait analysis and running assessment with Asics to ensure that you select the right shoe and size according to your running style.

Try the Shoes

Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, make sure to try on the shoes, even if you’ve previously bought the same brand, style, and size. Occasionally, shoes may have manufacturing issues that you or the footwear specialist may not be aware of.

Types of Socks

The type of socks you wear can influence your running experience and the shoe size you need. Factors like materials, technology, thickness, compression, and arch or ankle support can all play a role.


Your daily activities, such as running, jumping, walking, or just standing, can impact your feet and ankles, potentially causing them to swell. This information is crucial, as you may need a larger shoe size to ensure your Asics are not too tight during activity.

Medical Conditions

Various medical conditions, such as diabetes, blisters, bunions, plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure, or claw toe, can significantly impact your running experience and the shoe size you require. Be aware of any conditions that may affect your shoe size choice.

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Asics’ easy returns

Even with accurate measurements, sometimes a shoe just doesn’t feel right. While trying shoes on in-store is the best way to find the perfect fit, it may not always be feasible. If your Asics shoes don’t fit as expected, the brand makes online returns simple and hassle-free.

Your Asics running shoes will arrive with a pre-printed return label, which can be attached to the original box for a full refund, including tax. To be eligible for a return, the shoes must not show signs of wear and should still have the tags attached.

To determine if the shoes are right for you, try them on at the end of the day and give them a test walk around your living room before deciding whether to keep them or send them back.

Asics compares to Adidas, Nike

Asics vs. Adidas

When switching from Adidas to Asics, you may notice differences in sizing as well. Adidas shoes often run a bit narrow, so Asics might feel wider in the midfoot area.

For those accustomed to Adidas, selecting a narrow sizing option in Asics could provide a more comfortable and familiar fit.

Asics vs. Nike

When comparing Asics and Nike, it’s important to note that each individual’s experience may differ. However, some runners have found that Asics shoes tend to run slightly larger than their Nikes. For example, if you wear a size 10 in Nike, you might want to consider sizing down to a 9.5 in Asics for a better overall fit.

Q&A about Do Asics Run Small or Big or True to Size?

Is it better to size up in Shoes running shoes?

Yes, it’s better to size up in running shoes for comfort and to accommodate foot swelling during runs.

Should you get a 1 2 size bigger in Asics running shoes?

You should consider getting a half size bigger in running shoes for a better fit.

Does 0.5 shoe size make a difference?

Yes, a 0.5 shoe size difference can impact comfort and fit.

Is it better to have tighter or looser Asics running shoes?

It’s better to have slightly looser running shoes than too tight for optimal performance and injury prevention.

How do you know if your Asics shoes are too small?

Signs of too-small shoes include discomfort, pinching, blisters, or toes hitting the front of the shoe.

Are Asics running shoes tight first?

Running shoes might feel snug at first, but they should not be uncomfortably tight.

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