Hammer Throw Frisbee Ultimate Guide – How To Do a Successful Throw?


There are so many techniques on how one can throw a frisbee and each of these ways are unique. Apparently, it depends on the thrower what technique suits them but one of the most popular in the advanced category is the hammer throw frisbee.

According to a study, the throwing technique might have an effect on its impact and speed. It will also determine where the frisbee will land and may affect the angle and distance.

Understanding the Hammer Throw

The hammer got its name because of the style or the way you have to throw the Frisbee disc which is an upside-down throw. It is a useful and effective yet, a difficult throw according to experts. Here are the basics of doing this technique.

Proper Grip

  1. Hold your hand with the palm up and grab a disc with its logo facing up as well. Take note of the “peace sign” your fingers created underneath the disc. Make sure to hold the disc properly with these fingers.
  2.  Next, fold your ring finger and your little finger (pinkie) as if making a loose fist. Make them stay out of the way and are always touching your palm.
  1. Fold your middle finger and push it against the inside of the disc’s rim. Make sure that the tip of it is tight against the rim while your index finger is pointed towards the disc’s center, supporting its weight.
  2. Make sure that the grip is similar to the picture while sticking out the thumb of your hand on top. This is also the same for Forehand throw but instead of throwing it from the side, you will throw it like a baseball or overhand. The grip will feel a bit strange especially if you are not used to it but you will get the hang of it with practice.

Imagine yourself holding a mallet or a hammer and start at high point them aim your throw at a low position. While it is not a really powerful throw, it comes handy for a real quick pass.

Proper Stance

The best way to do it is by stepping with the opposite leg of your throwing hand. This will help you transfer the weight from your back foot to your front foot.

Stand in a semi-squat position while facing your receiver. Make sure that your feet are hip-wide apart. Jump and hold your landing position. Now hold the disc like you will be doing a karate chop in the air.

Raise the disc above your shoulder and stop when your thumb is near or at ear-level. Tip it a little towards your head so the logo will be just barely facing down.

Other things to remember 

  • Isolating your wrist is very important when making a hammer throw. Practice it by holding your arm still while throwing the disc. It won’t go far but, you can see a nice spin which is good because the spin is what keeps the disc stable.
  • Get into the “cocked” position by bending your wrist backward and the holding the disc near your shoulders. Then, bend your wrist forward to make the top of your hand horizontal also known as the released position.
  • The proper hammer throw is the same way you would throw a long baseball. Simply pretend you are throwing a hammer or an ax. Hold the disc and make sure that its top is facing your left side. Pull back and release the disc after you have done the cocked position and is at the released position. Remember, keep your elbows bent while doing the entire routine.
  • If done correctly, the disc will start out tilted but will gradually turn upside-down. However, if it corkscrews, you might be throwing at too much of an angle for that certain distance. For far ranges, use lesser tilt and more tilt for short ranges.

When to Use the Hammer Throw?

While the hammer throw is a helpful throwing technique, you still need to consider the distance and the situation. For example, when your teammate is on your left or right side, you will throw the disc sideways.

Like other techniques, it is beneficial when used at the right time. It is also ideal when the opponent is marking you hard and they are near the end of the stall count. Likewise, it works best at medium-range.

According to Erin Faylona, an Ultimate player from the Philippines, the best time to do a hammer throw is when there are some defenders in between you and your receiver. It also applies when you need the disc to get up in the air and come down quickly.

What Went Wrong?

There will be times that your hammer throw will be an epic fail but that is okay. Practice will allow you to master this technique. Below are some scenarios that could possibly happen and why did they happen.

  1. The disc flutters to the ground- take note that the spin makes the disc stable in the air. If this is the case, try to quickly snap your wrist to give the disc more spins. Practice snapping your wrist and follow this video tutorial 
  2. The disc went straight to the ground- you are holding the disc a bit longer.
  3. The disc fly straight up – you let go of the disc too soon.

We understand that you might just forget all of these rules and come up with messy throws, fluttering discs and other problems when throwing it. Better to start all over again and do things gradually.

Keep Practicing

We hope you enjoyed our short list of the basics of hammer throw frisbee. It is always good to try new things such as a new sport or hobby like throwing discs. Hope this article helps especially beginners and those who are interested to try.

Share us your thoughts in the comment section and also, please share this article if you find it helpful.

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