Here’s How to Break-in Your Rainbow Sandals


Are you also a fan of slippers or flip-flops? If you are looking for the perfect and most comfortable flip flops, the Rainbow Sandals are highly recommended. Users and reviewers can attest to its durability and comfort that travelers, backpackers, and outdoor people prefer wearing them.

Every pair is handmade and only used the highest quality materials to ensure that every customer will get the value of their money and that every Rainbow Sandals will last long. While this footwear is stylish and sturdy, it still requires the user to break them in to achieve utmost comfort.

Thus, we gather some tips and advice on how to break in rainbow sandals.

Different Styles of Rainbow Sandals

There are various styles of Rainbow Sandals including leather, hemp, and rubber options. There are also double-layered or single-layered arch support types. Apparently, its biggest selling feature is the product’s ability to mold to the users’ feet.

  • Single-layered Rainbow Sandal – it features a single layer arch support made from premium nubuck leather. Its double stitch design ensures long-lasting wear. You can buy it in seven colors including pink grey, eXpresso, premier black, and sand.

Similar with other Rainbow Sandals, it has a non-slip bottom and nylon toe piece, secured using the box X construction. This is perfect for those summer days spent on the beach. Plus, we love the fact that every pair offers value for money.

  • Double-layered Rainbow Sandal – like the single layer Rainbow Sandal, this one is also made from premium leather but now, with a double mid-sole for added support. Likewise, it has double stitching to ensure durability.

Spending your day with Rainbow Flip Flops is a good idea because of its cradle and support that helps prevent numbness and pain from walking all day. You can wear it on the beach, in the city and almost everywhere.

Here’s How to Break In

Although the Rainbow Sandals are super soft and comfy, breaking it in can be a long process and can also be painful if not done properly. At first, it will feel like you are wearing flat blocks of foam but as soon as they break in, the leather will gradually develop. Take the advice in the video below if you are wearing your Rainbow Sandal for the first time.

While Rainbow Sandals are made of various materials such as rubber, leather, and foam, every pair can benefit from using the same breaking-in techniques.

Step 1: Steam Them

Some users recommend steaming the footwear from the shower when wearing them for the first time. Place them in the bathroom while you are taking a hot bath. It will allow the leather to loosen up and mold perfectly to your feet. You might feel uncomfortable at first but it is normal because the snug is intentional.Slip the sandals on after that and wear them around the house to loosen up the straps.

Step 2: Wet Them

Before wetting your Rainbow Sandals, make sure to try it on a tiny patch first. Add a drop of water or use a spray bottle and test it on a conspicuous spot on your sandal such as the strap in-between the toe.This will allow you to test if the leather will respond well to the water. Others find discoloration after using this method. Likewise, you can submerge your sandals completely in the water and walk around while they are still damp. It will help soften the sandal to conform better to your feet.Just make sure to towel off the excess water from your sandals to prevent discoloration. According to users, the water allows the sandals to soften a bit and mold to their feet.

Step 3: Stretch Them Using An Object

You can use a golf ball, a small toy or an empty water bottle and place it under the straps. Leave it for a while or overnight to help open the sandal and make it more comfortable. You can also wear sports socks and walk around the house. The additional bulk will also help it stretch.

Step 4: Blow Dry ThemIf You Don’t Want To Steam Or Wet Your New Rainbow Sandals, You Can Try This Technique As It Works Best With Leather Materials. Plus, You Won’t End Up Damaging The Sandals. Wear Some Chunky Socks And Put On Your Sandals. Blow Dry It For 30 Seconds But Make Sure To Use It Far Enough Away So You Don’t Burn Your Feet.

After that, take a quick walk to loosen the sandal materials while it is hot and flexible enough. Then, remove the socks and try again the sandals.

More Tips

  • Breaking in sandals can cause blisters but you can prevent it if you know the hotspots such as the heels, the top, and sides of your toes. This is where blisters usually appear. Figure it out by trying your new Rainbow Sandals for an hour.
  • You might also feel the friction between your toes and the materials of the sandals. You can reduce it by keeping the area moisturized by putting on some lotion or petroleum jelly. Others prefer using leather moisturizer and apply it to their footwear.
  • Others use antiperspirant and other conventional ways to help prevent blisters and fiction. These products tend to lessen sweating which actually helps in keeping the blister situation manageable.


We hope that you too, enjoy the whole tutorial as we do. We understand that breaking a new Rainbow Sandals will take time, effort and patience but the techniques above will help you break it in no time.

While the process can be somewhat time-consuming and hassle on your end, breaking the sandals properly will truly make a huge difference in your walking experience.

Do you have other advice or suggestions? Please share them in the comment section below. Likewise, you can share this article to help others

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