Working From Home: Tips for Staying Alert and Focused

Working From Home: Tips for Staying Alert and Focused

Remote work is less of an aberration and more the norm for many workers, but that doesn’t mean it’s gotten any easier for many. In our guide, “Working From Home: Tips for Staying Alert and Focused,” we’ll offer advice on how you can cut out distractions and be as productive as you can.

Dress for the Office

It might be easier and more comfortable to throw on some sweatpants and a comfy T-shirt, but you’ll focus better if you dress like you’re still in the office. That includes all your clothes, not just what your coworkers can see in video meetings. Dressing like this puts you in the mindset of being at work instead of relaxing at home.

If you want to make it more fun and exciting, buy some new work clothes that you can’t wait to wear! Even buying a new pair of shoes can do wonders for helping you focus on work.

Know Yourself and Set a Schedule

Everyone is different in approaching the workday; some are morning birds, and others are more productive after lunch. Don’t try to change your body’s schedule—work around it. Attack your toughest assignments right after your morning coffee or ease into the day with simple tasks until you feel you’re at peak productivity.

Invest in Your Space

If you’re working from home, you could be spending eight hours in the same chair at the same desk, so invest in quality materials both for your comfort and focus. Do you listen to music while working? You might benefit from inner-ear monitors, which offer high-quality audio noise-cancellation and come in various sizes to fit your ears.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks throughout the workday may seem counterproductive, but your mind and body should take a step away from your work and clear your mind. Taking five minutes here and there to stretch or get something to drink can prevent you from feeling fidgety and anxious from sitting for so long.

Hide Your Phone

Nothing in your home is a bigger distraction than your phone. You don’t have to hide it from yourself, but it’s helpful to put it away somewhere out of sight. Keep it on the other side of the room, or even a different room of your home altogether. Having your phone on your desk next to work or in your pocket will tempt you to check it and break your concentration.

Working from home presents challenges, among them being distractions and staying focused at home. It may be difficult at first, but if you follow our tips for staying focused and alert, you’ll be functioning at the top of your productivity in no time.

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